Final Blog

Hey guys the 8 week class is winding down and coming to an end. Its been a fun and enjoyable 8 weeks reading everyone blogs! Unfortunately for you all my blog posts are coming to an end! I hope everyone enjoyed reading my posts!   Thanks!!



Here is my Podcast for the week, hope you enjoy!

How Professionalism has Evolved

Professionalism has evolved over the past time and will continue to evolve every day as the internet and the way people communicate change. With me having a Sports Management and Business Administration I have found very few sites where you can just connect with people in just the sports field.  I really like using this site because it it similar to LinkedIn however you can see all available jobs in the sports industry, and you can apply for them from this website!

Teamwork online is the most site by major league teams to post jobs availability. There are hundreds of new job posting daily, you create a profile, add your resume, experiences, schooling, as well as any other information you deem necessary. That is your profile, when you respond to the job posting they will see your resume as well as your profile. You can search jobs in any location you want as well as any sports team!

Vlogging is a Good Thing

One of my favorite vlogs/Journals to follow is Drury Outdoors they use videos to show each of their hunts. I believe that this is also a great way to show non-hunters what hunting is all about. This way non-hunters can see what it is like to kill a deer or turkey, they can see the excitement in the hunters eyes when they light up when they walk up on that big buck, of snag the big fish!

Team sports are also a very fun and can have the same effect on people! There is one video that every time I watch I get chills, it was of  the St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series run! This video is very inspirational and can give you the drive you need to think you can do anything. This series the cardinals were down to their final out 2 different times and managed to build together as a team and overcome the difficulty and win the ball game and eventually winning the World Series

The Great Outdoors

While looking at other blogs I have found that the most popular blogs have imagery, they show the reader what they are talking about by posting pictures as well as videos. I believe that this is a very important because people who don’t enjoy the outdoors or the world of sports may have never seen a video or picture of a hunting or fishing trip. They have negative images which may not even be true or sound however this may be why they don’t like that sport or activity.

Great white shark bites spearfisherman, who survives by fighting back; video

MLB player Shane Victorino just caught an enormous king salmon fish

All 5 of these different blogs all give the reader a image to go off of and something to see first hand what it is like. I believe that will be much easier to grab someones attention and get them to try something new.

A little about me

Hey everyone! abc

Its Jamieson, i’m from a small town in north east Missouri, called Louisiana. In high school I played football and golfed. I am a avid sports fan. Being from around St. Louis it should be obvious that I love the Cardinals and Blues (RIP Rams). I typically try to  go to several Cardinal games each year! I have also been to several playoff games as well as 2 World Series games!




Being from Missouri I also love Mizzou Athletics, I lived in Columbia for 4 years and rarely missed a football game/tale gate.  Even if you don’t love the game of football nothing is better than hanging out with friends, music blaring, bbq’ing, and throwing the pigskin! Once you get into the game it has the same atmosphere as outside in the parking lot. Even though MU football has been under-preforming the past couple years,everyone is still excited for that opening kickoff when we play our Southeastern Conference (SEC) rivals!

big fishWith my love of sports I also love being outdoors, I love to fish, hunt, go boating and go 4-wheeling. My family owns a farm, with having the luxury I am out there all the time, deer hunting and riding 4-wheelers. I also love to fish, I live right on the Mississippi river so we go out there a lot. The biggest fish we have caught on a bank pole is a 74 lb catfish.  There is nothing more exciting than bow hunting and having a big deer 25 feet from you, or grabbing the bank pole and seeing a huge fish roll up!

With my love for sports I hope to influence someone to go out and try something new weather its hunting/fishing or just going to a professional sporting event to enjoy the game. Hope you enjoy reading!